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The following forms are required for students who are preparing to apply to medical and dental schools. Download or print as many copies as you need.




Letter Evaluation Form and Letter Writer Guidelines

Each individual who is going to write a letter of recommendation for you should include a copy of the Texas State University Letter Evaluation Form with his or her letter.  The actual letter must be signed and printed on official letterhead. Print as many copies of this evaluation form as you need. Complete the top portion and give the form to your letter writer with instructions to return it to a pre-health advisor. Tell your letter writer not to return the form and letter to you or to send them directly to TMDSAS or another application service. The second and third pages of the form contains guidelines designed to help your letter writer generate the best possible letter for you. Please give each of your letter writers a copy of these guidelines to assist them.

An electronic version of this form is in progress. Check back soon.

Here is a printable, pen and paper version

Intent to Interview Form

If you plan to apply to a professional school during the current application cycle, you must first print a copy of this Intent to Interview form, read it carefully, sign and date where required, and then upload the signed form in Canvas. This form is required in order for you to obtain a committee letter.

Supplemental Information Form

NEW APPLICANTS ONLY: Once you have signed up for an interview slot, you will need to fill out this Supplemental Information Form as completely as possible.  If you need it in a form other than as a MS Word document, please contact a pre-health advisor.  Follow the instructions on the form carefully. You MUST upload the completed form in Canvas at least seven days in advance of your interview. Failure to do so will be viewed as an indication of irresponsibility and poor organization by the Pre-Health Committee.  We highly recommend that you save or print a copy of this completed form for yourself to use when filling out your applications.

Re-Applicant Update Form

RE-APPLICANTS ONLY: If you are a re-applicant for this application cycle we will have your Supplemental Information Form from the previous application cycle on file. So you do not need to fill that form out again. Instead, please download and complete the Re-Applicant Update Form. You must upload your completed form in Canvas at least one week in advance of your interview.

Committee Packet Distribution Form

When you are ready to have your Committee Packet uploaded to the application services or schools you are applying to, you will need to complete this Committee Packet Distribution Form and return it to your pre-health advisors. We will use this information to determine when your packet is complete (i.e. when we have received all of your individual letters of recommendation) and to determine where we need to send your packet. 

A fully electronic version of this form is in progress. Check back soon.

Below is a printable or editable version of the form.