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As a service to our students who will be applying to professional schools, Texas State University maintains an active Pre-Health Committee.  This committee is composed of the two pre-health advisors (Drs. Pesthy and Banta) and several additional faculty and staff from departments throughout the university.

Most medical and dental schools prefer students to submit letters of evaluation generated by a Pre-Health Committee (referred to as a committee letter) if one is available.  Other types of professional schools are less stringent about this preference, and applicants to other types of professional schools should seek the advice of their pre-health advisor.

The primary role of the Pre-Health Committee is to evaluate a potential applicant through a variety of methods and to then generate a thorough, comprehensive committee letter that will be submitted as a part of the applicant's application package.  To generate the letter, the committee conducts interviews with students, reviews student transcripts, and studies supporting documents provided by the applicant. 

One of the benefits of using the Pre-Health Committee to generate a committee letter is that the committee letter can become part of a committee packet.  The committee packet will include the committee letter and up to five letters of evaluation that each applicant may have submitted on his or her behalf by faculty, employers, volunteer coordinators or health care professionals who know the applicant well.  The Pre-Health Committee will receive, organize and submit the packet to every school or application service requested by the student. We even pay for the shipping if hard copies of the packet must be submitted. Note that the centralized application service used to apply to Texas medical and dental schools (TMDSAS)  allows applicants to submit only three individual letters, so the committee packet gives our students an opportunity to submit more letters from individuals than would be possible if a committee letter is not generated.

2021 Application Cycle Pre-Health Committee Members

Dr. Marilyn Banta, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology (Pre-Health Advisor)

Dr. Carolyn Pesthy, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology (Pre-Health Advisor)

Dr. Alex Kornienko  Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Chad Booth, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Isaac Wiegman, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Burkay Ozturk, Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy

Dr. Erica Simpson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Biology

Dr. Joe Koke, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology

Ms. Dede Gonzales, Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Ms. Stephanie Lopez, Assistant Director for Scholarships, Financial Aid and Scholarship


The membership of the Pre-Health Committee may change from application cycle to application cycle. Check back here for updated membership information.

Committee Letter and Packet

Each student requesting a committee letter will be required to submit two forms in advance of a committee interview, the Intent to Interview Form, and the Supplemental Information Form. If you are a reapplicant, we do not need a new Supplemental Information Form, but you will need to complete a Re-applicant Update Form.  Interviews are typically held each April and forms must be completed and turned into a Pre-Health Advisor one week in advance of the interview.

In mid to late May a committee letter will be generated for each student requesting one.  Students may also request up to five individual letters of recommendation to be included with the committee letter in a committee packet. Your letter writers should include a Texas State University Letter Evaluation Form with their actual letter, and both should be returned to a pre-health advisor, not to the student.

Ultimately, we will need each applicant to provide us with a Committee Packet Distribution Form that includes all your identification numbers and a list of application services and individual schools where we need to send your packet. We will then submit your committee packet (either electronically or by express mail) for you.

All of these forms are available on the Forms Page.