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Joint Admission Medical Program [JAMP] (Medical School)


In 2001, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 4075 (HB 4075), which provided the funding for JAMP throughout the state of Texas. The JAMP program is designed to encourage and support highly qualified but economically disadvantaged Texas students as they pursue a career in medicine.  Students who are admitted into the JAMP program and successfully complete all of the requirements of the program are guaranteed admission into one of the nine participating medical schools in Texas. In addition, JAMP students receive undergraduate and medical school scholarships to help pay for the cost of preparing for and attending medical school. JAMP students receive substantial mentoring throughout the program, assistance preparing for the MCAT, and they participate in summer internships at medical schools in Texas.

High School Requirements:  As a senior in high school:

  • You must apply to a Texas college or university. It is preferred that you enroll in the fall semester immediately following graduation from high school or a home school program.
  • You must be a resident of the state of Texas and a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • You must apply for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA.
  • Based on your FASFA, you must either be Pell Grant eligible or have an estimated family contribution (EFC) of 8000 or less to qualify for this program.
  • You must take the SAT or ACT and earn a score not less than the mean score for the State of Texas.

For 2014, the mean SAT scores were:  Reading = 497, Math = 513 Writing = 487, Total of these 3 sections = 1497

For 2014, the mean ACT scores were:  Composite = 20.9, English = 19.9, Math = 21.4, Reading = 21.1, and Science = 21.0.


College Requirements - As a freshman in college:


  • You must meet with Texas State's JAMP faculty directors (JFD) on a regular basis. The JFD for Texas State are Drs. Pesthy and Banta.
  • You must complete 27 hours of undergraduate credit with an overall GPA of 3.25 and a science GPA of 3.25. Science courses include math, biology, chemistry and physics courses (majors level courses only).

College Requirements - During the summer after your freshman year and at the beginning of your sophomore year:

  • You must apply to the JAMP program.  The online application becomes available in May and is due October 1 of your sophomore year.
  • As part of your application, you must submit two letters of recommendation. One must be from the JFD, and the other must be from a faculty member at Texas State University, preferably a science professor.

If you think you are interested in, and eligible for, the JAMP program it is important that you contact a JAMP faculty director (JFD) right away. Here is a link to the JFDs at Texas State.


If you are admitted into the JAMP program, there are a number of requirements that you will have to meet in order to be admitted into medical school. Your JFD will guide you along the way.

Link to JAMP Web site


Please visit the JAMP Web site to learn more about this program!