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About the Department

Students at a field site in Chihuahuan Desert
Graduate students and advisor standing in river
Ashley Seagroves in lab
Tree frog from Ecuador
Study-abroad students in Ecuador
Horned lizard in palm of hand
Student working in molecular biology lab
Student presenting research findings at a scientific conference
Students and Dr. Kang in front of Supple Science Building
Close-up view of flowers

Welcome to the Department of Biology at Texas State University. We are a large, multidisciplinary department with many strong, well-funded research programs. We serve about 25,000 students each year in modern facilities with up to date instrumentation emphasizing inquiry-based hands-on instruction. In 2016-17 Biology had just over 2,000 undergraduate students and 150 graduate (M.S. and Ph.D.) students.

Our goal is to attain national and international prominence through the integration of undergraduate and graduate education with multidisciplinary research programs. Through our education, scholarship, and outreach activities, the department enhances the image of the university by using the life sciences to help meet current and future needs of society.


To create and communicate knowledge of the life sciences.


To attain national recognition of the Department's research and degree programs.

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Strategic Goals

The following goals give direction to the Department of Biology mission, and recognize that scholarship and service support aid are the primary focus of teaching and learning. We will continue to:

  1. Improve the rotation of course offerings to provide, in timely manner, needed and desired courses taught by well-qualified members of the faculty.
  2. Replace and upgrade the equipment in teaching laboratories to provide the tools for excellent laboratory experiences.
  3. Recruit and retain faculty members and graduate students with outstanding credentials.
  4. Work toward higher instructional assistant salaries to attract highly-qualified students.
  5. Seek external support for graduate tuition scholarships.
  6. Work toward excellence in existing degree programs. A program will not be substantially changed in size (based on the number of participating faculty members) unless decided by a vote of the faculty.
  7. Increase the participation of women and minorities as students and faculty members.
  8. Support the improvement of science education at all levels.
  9. Broaden doctoral-level opportunities in the department by either modifying the existing Ph.D. program or adding a second program.
  10. Obtain space in the new Science & Engineering Building to meet future research needs.
  11. Encourage the development and use of support facilities for field studies.
  12. Strengthen alumni relations by developing an alumni newsletter and database of current contact information and employment.

Review & Amendments

The Chair of Biology will annually provide to the faculty an oral report on progress toward the specific goals. Following each report, the Plan may be amended by faculty action.