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American Association of Dental Services Application Service (AADSAS)

General Information about AADSAS

The AADSAS application cycle opens on or about June 1 of each year.  Deadlines for admissions are established by individual schools, so be sure you know what the deadlines are for any schools you wish to apply to. Generally, deadlines range between September 1 and February 1.  No late applications will be accepted.

For the 2020 application cycle (Entry Year 2021), the cost to apply to schools using AADSAS is $259 for the first school and $112 for each additional school. Payment is by credit card only. AADSAS has a fee reduction program for qualifying students that provides a partial refund for application fees.

Remember! In order to apply to dental schools you will need to obtain a DENTPIN (Dental Personal Identifier Number). Click here to link to the DENTPIN registration site.

Click here to link to the AADSAS Web site.

Click here to link back to the list of application services.