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Faculty member recently honored with inclusion of paper in a set of classics

Paleoecology book

Foundations of Paleoecology, Classic Papers with Commentaries (University of Chicago Press, 2019) has now been published. Similar to other anthologies published by UCP, this set for Paleoecology includes papers that have had a lasting impact on the field. Our very own faculty member Dr. Gary Upchurch authored one of these classic papers. Quoting from the book, “The paper by Wolfe and Upchurch served as a model for how to study vegetation and terrestrial ecosystems across important boundary events in the history of life. ... and it changed the conversation from being focused solely on taxonomic changes to a focus on ecological changes in vegetational communities across major events in the geological past.” Having a paper accepted for a book such as this is quite the academic accomplishment. Congratulations to Gary and his co-author for their contribution to the historical development of Paleoecology and for being so honored in this new book. (Posted 2-3-2020)