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Lab of Dr. Julie Westerlund

Julie F. Westerlund, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Principal Investigator -
NSF GK-12 Project Flowing Waters

Phone: 512-245-3361

Fax: 512-245-8713


Mailing Address

Biology Department
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

Margaret Smith's Geological Timeline of the Earth with Texas Emphasis [PDF]
Human and Forensic Genetics Course
Dr. Judy Westerlund

Dr. Julie Westerlund and her Earth Science Students in Davis Mountains
Dr. Julie Westerlund and Earth Science students
at Davis Mountains


  • 1996: Ph.D. Science Education, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1988: M.S. Genetics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • 1985: B.A. Biology, University of Texas at Austin

Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of science education, GLOBE research, teacher professional development, quality and effects of standardized testing in science, and inquiry-based science teaching.

Courses Taught

GS 3310 - General Science - Syllabus

BIO 4402/5402 - Earth Science I

BIO 4403/5403 - Earth Science II -Syllabus

BIO 3351 - General Genetics

ED 4681 - High School Student Teaching


Project Flowing Waters Faculty
Project Flowing Waters Faculty: Drs. Earl, Nowlin, Westerlund and Bonner

Publications (by topic)

History Of Science [Genetics]


Westerlund, J.F., & Fairbanks, D. J. (2010). Gregor Mendel’s classic paper and the nature of science in genetics courses. Hereditas 147, 293-303.  Available online at

Westerlund, J., & Fairbanks, D., (2004) . Gregor Mendel and "Myth-Conceptions". Science Education, 88 (5): 754-758. (PDF)

Standarized Testing in Science

Westerlund, J.F. (2011). Guest Editorial: Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA) Recommendations for ESEA Reauthorization and Inquiry Science Teaching. Electronic Journal of Science Education, 14 (1), 1-3. Available online at

Westerlund, J. (2013) [non-peer reviewed] State exams impede inquiry-driven learning” Austin American Statesman   (4/22/2013, page A8)

Westerlund, J.F, Upson, L.K., Barufaldi, J.P. (2002). No time for Venus Flytraps: Effects of     End-of-Course Testing on Biology Curriculum in Two States. Electronic Journal of Science Education, 7 (2).

Westerlund, J.F., & West, S.S., (2001) The Use of the National Science Education Standards to Critique a Standardized High School Biology Examination. Electronic Journal of Science Education 6(2): retrieved 9/02

Westerlund, J.F. & West, S.S. (1999). The Texas Biology I End of Course Examination: A Critique. The Texas Science Teacher. (28)1: 5-12.

Westerlund, J.F. (1997). Reform and Reality: A Two Year Study. Observations of Texas Teachers on the Biology I End of Course Examination (Doctoral Dissertation, University of Texas, 1996). Dissertation Abstracts International, UMI Number 9719516.

Westerlund, J.F. & Barufaldi, J.P. (1997). Reform and Reality: A Two Year Study. Observations of Texas Teachers on the Biology I End of Course Examination. [On-line] Abstract from: ERIC Document Reproduction Service No: ED406159.

Research Experiences for Teachers

Schwartz, R., Westerlund, J., García, D., & Taylor, T. (2010). The Impact of Full Immersion Scientific Research Experiences on Teachers’ Views of the Nature of Science.  Electronic Journal of Science Education. 14 (2), 1-40. Available online at

Westerlund, J. F., Garcia, D.M., Koke, J.R., Taylor, T.A., Mason, D. 2002. Summer Scientific Research for Teachers: The Experience and Its Effect. Journal of Science Teacher Education 13(1): 63-83.

Science Teacher Candidate Education

Westerlund, J., Radcliffe, R., Smith, D., Lemke, M., & West, S. (2011). Profiles of US Science Teacher Candidates: Safeguards Amidst the Gathering Storm.  International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 6, 213-227. Available online at

Westerlund, J.F., & Stephenson, A.L. (2002) Phasing in Future Teachers. A Multidisciplinary Science-Teaching Technique. Journal of College Science Teaching 32(3): 171-175.

Westerlund, J.F., Ferguson, K., Quintero, E. (2001) Texans in London? A comparison of Texas and British Science Education Programs through the Eyes of Texas Student Teachers. The Texas Science Teacher 28(1): 5-12.

Safety in Science

Stephenson, A.L, West, S.S, Westerlund, J.F., Nelson, N. (2003). An Analysis of Incident/Accident Reports from the Texas Secondary Science Safety Survey, 2001. School Science and Mathematics, 103 (6), 293-301.

West, S. S, Westerlund, J.F., Nyland, C.K., Stephenson, A.L, Nelson, N., (Winter, 2003) Safety in Science Classroom: What Research and Best Practice Say. The Educational Forum, 67 (2), 174-183.

West, S.S., Westerlund, J.F., Nyland, C.K., Stephenson, A.L. (2002) What the Safety Research Says to Texas Science Teachers. The Texas Science Teacher 31(1):11-15.

West, S.S., Westerlund, J.F., Stephenson, A.L., Nelson, N.C., Nyland, C.K. (2002) Texas Science Safety Profile, 2001. The Texas Science Teacher 31(1):16-18

Education Topics

Westerlund, J.F. (Winter, 1997). Review: Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications. Perspectives in Genetic Counseling, 18 (4), p.13.

Westerlund, J.F. (1996). How are you going to summarize? Notes and Abstracts in American and International Education, 82, pp.6-8.

Westerlund, J.F. (1996). How are you going to summarize? Vitae Scholasticae Journal of Educational Biography, 15, (2), pp. 79-81.

Theses Directed

  • Carol Jones (5/04) Intelligent Design: Science or Pseudoscience? (Honors Thesis) 

Students & Research Associates

  • Ashley Brooks, (2012, non-thesis)
  • Chase Phillips, (2012, non-thesis)
  • Kristina Dame -2012, (Project Flowing Waters-Student Attitudes, thesis)
  • Chad Cryer -2006 (GLOBE & satellite data, non-thesis)
  • Daniel Smith -2006 (science teacher professional development, thesis)
  • Brandy Bagnall - 2005 (GLOBE at area junior high schools, non-thesis)
  • Marianne Nicholson, Biology- 2005 (GLOBE & satellite data, non-thesis)

Recent and Ongoing Collaborations



Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae (Microsoft Word)