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Joseph Veech, Ph.D.

Joseph Veech, Ph.D

Joseph Veech, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Ph.D., 2000, University of Nevada, Reno
M.S., 1992, New Mexico State University
B.S., 1989, Texas A&M University



Biological Resources: Conservation and Planning (BIO 4319)
Bird Conservation and Management (BIO 4350I)
Population and Conservation Biology Seminar (BIO 7120)

Research Interests

I am interested in the natural ecological and anthropogenic factors that affect patterns of species diversity and abundance within and among landscapes.  I also conduct research on the application of ecological theory and knowledge to problems in conservation ecology and environmental science.  I use a variety of research approaches including computer simulation modeling, null modeling/data randomization, meta-analysis, and field experiments.  My research on species diversity has included various types of organisms (desert rodents, grassland birds, insects, plants) such that I do not have any one particular taxonomic focus.  I have most often worked in arid and semi-arid ecosystems although I am also interested in species diversity within other types of ecosystems.

Selected Publications

Ott, S. L., J. A. Veech, T. R. Simpson, I. Castro-Arellano, and J. Evans. 2019. Mapping potential habitat and range-wide surveying for the Texas kangaroo rat (Dipodomys elator). Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management, in press.

Bliss, L. M., J. A. Veech, I. Castro-Arellano, and T. R. Simpson. 2019. GIS-based habitat mapping and population estimation for the Gulf Coast kangaroo rat (Dipodomys compactus) in the Carrizo Sands Region of Texas, USA. Mammalian Biology 98:17-27.

Haverland, M. B. and J. A. Veech. 2017. Examining the occurrence of mammal species in natural areas within a rapidly urbanizing region of Texas, USA. Landscape and Urban Planning 157:221-230.

Strona, G. and J. A. Veech. 2015. A new measure of ecological network structure based on node overlap and segregation. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6:907-915.

Veech, J. A. 2014. The pairwise approach to analysing species co-occurrence. Journal of Biogeography 41:1029-1035 (guest editorial).

Veech, J. A. 2013. A probabilistic model for analyzing species co-occurrence. Global Ecology and Biogeography 22:252-260.

Veech, J. A. 2012. Significance testing in ecological null models. Theoretical Ecology 5:611-616. 

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