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Francis Horne, Ph.D.

Francis Horne, Ph.D

Francis Horne, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Ph.D., 1966, University of Wyoming
M.S., 1964, University of Wyoming
B.A., 1962, Texas Tech University


Modern Biology I (BIO 1310)
Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 2430)
Vertebrate Physiology (BIO 3421)
Physiological Ecology (BIO 4450/5450)

Research Interests

Physiology, phylogeny and biochemistry of invertebrates and plants; physiological ecology; invertebrate physiology.

Special interests are physiological ecology and invertebrate physiology and biochemistry of freshwater and terrestrial molluscs and freshwater crustaceans -- most recently we have been studying the mechanism of calcium carbonate deposition in clam, crayfish, lobster, and crab shell. Calcium and strontium in shell formation have also been studied in both snails and ostracods. The phylogeny of both wild rice and phyllopods are also areas of interest.

Selected Publications

Horne, F. R. and S. Tarsitano, 2007. The Mineralization and Biomachanics of the Exoskeleton. Chapter 8: Crustacean Issues: The Biology and Fisheries of Slipper Lobsters, pp. 183-198.

Horne, F. R. and N. E. Strenth, 2007. A key to the common seed shrimp (CRUSTACEA: OSTRACODA) of the playa lakes of the Llano Estacado region of northwestern Texas. Texas, Journal Science 59:183-198.

Horne, F. R., E. Spanier, Tarsitano, S.F., and K.L. Lavalli. 2006. The constructional properties of the exoskeleton of homarid, scyllarid, and palinurid lobsters. Hydrobiologia 557:9-20.

Horne, F., S.F. Tarsitano, and K.L. Lavalli. 2002. Carbonic anhydrase in mineralization of crayfish cuticle. Crustaceana 75(9): 1067-1081.

Horne, F.R. and A. Kahn. 2000.  Water loss and viability in Zizania (Poaceae) seeds during short term dessication. American Journal of Botany 87:1707-1711.

Tarsitano, S.F., A.P. Russell, F. Horne, C. Plummer, and K. Millerchip.  2000.  The evolution of feathers from an aerodynamic and constructional perspective.  American Zoologist 40: 676-686.

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