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B.S. Biology (Teacher Certification, Grades 7-12)

B.S. Biology (Teacher Certification, Grades 7-12)

Biology Teacher Certification

This program prepares degree-seekers for a career teaching Life Science, Grades 7-12. 

The life sciences include all those fields of study which involve living organisms, and for many students, represent the first forays into science as a way of skeptically interrogating the universe. Effectively communicating the understanding of science to adolescents is difficult but rewarding work that requires both training in teaching methods, and an acute understanding of scientific principles.

The teacher certification in life science offers a similar background as B.S. Biology but with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction. Classes in botany, genetics, evolution, microbiology and the physical sciences are combined with classroom management courses and student teaching. 

Detailed information on application and certification requirements can be found on the Office of Educator Preparation website 
here. For a breakdown of required courses please follow the links for Degree Flowchart and Course Catalog in the buttons below.

Biology Teacher Certification Faculty

Julie Westerlund

Maureen Lemke

Dan Smith