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M.S. Aquatic Resources

M.S. Aquatic Resources

Underwater Alligator Gar Courtesy of Jennifer Idol

The Aquatic Resources Master of Science Program at Texas State University is a multi-disciplinary program of study and research based on aquatic sciences and resources. This is a thesis-based degree program and students within the program receive their degree through the Department of Biology. Graduate students pursuing an M.S. in Aquatic Resources can select one of two areas of concentration for their course work and research: Aquatic Biology or Aquatic Systems. 

Students in the Aquatic Biology concentration will focus on the biology and ecology of aquatic organisms and an understanding of the dynamics and management of aquatic ecosystems.  Students in this track can focus on aspects of the aquatic biology and ecology at the level of individual genes to entire ecosystems and the processes contained therein. 

Students in the Aquatic Systems concentration will focus on an understanding of the structure and functioning of aquatic systems as integrated physical, biological, and socioeconomic entities and will emphasize practices aimed at protecting, maintaining, and restoring the health and sustainable use of these resources. This area of concentration encourages investigation of aquatic systems at the level of the watershed, as influenced by atmospheric and terrestrial processes.

Various faculty participate in this program. Prospective graduate students interested in the program should contact a relevant faculty member to inquire about their participation.

More Information

For additional information on entrance requirements and program details, please visit the website for the M.S. in Aquatic Resources at the Graduate College  : Concentration in Aquatic Biology or Aquatic Systems. Contact the Program Director (Dr. Weston Nowlin) for additional details. International applicants please visit the page for international students at the Graduate College for specific admission requirements that may apply.

M.S - Aquatic Biology

M.S - Aquatic Systems