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Biology Department Seminars

Biology Department Seminars

Charles Darwin
Biology Departmental Seminars are usually held on Fridays at 2 pm in Room 116 of the Supple (Science) Building, or as announced below. A brief Q&A period typically follows each seminar. After that, everyone (age 21 and over only) is welcome to attend a reception for the speaker in the courtyard of the Old Greenhouse, liquid refreshments provided. To find out more about the speakers, follow the links to their web pages, and check out the seminar (you never know what interesting person might be speaking). TBA indicates "to be announced" unless the date arrives and no seminar speaker has been scheduled at which point it means we do not have a seminar speaker for that day.   Please check frequently.

Spring 2020 Seminar Schedule


 Name, Affiliation  

         Title              Host    Summary Paper
31 -Jan.

Dr. Frank Middleton

Upstate Medical University

"Of Mice, Men, MicroRNA and your Microbiome: Building Better Biomarkers for Brain Disorders"

Sandra West PDF PDF
07 - Feb

Dr. Mary Jo Kirisits

University of Texas at Austin


"What are these microbes doing in my filter?"

Robert McLean

14 - Feb

Dr. Paula Furey

St. Catherine University

"Algae in a Warming, Nutrient‐Rich World"

Weston Nowlin PDF. PDF
21 - Feb

Dr. Sarah Fritts

Texas State University


"Wildlife Conservation on Anthropogenic Landscapes"


Dittmar Hahn PDF  
28 - Feb  


06 - Mar

Dr. Sibum Sung

University of Texas, Austin

"Mechanisms to mediate temperature-triggered responses"

Hong-Gu Kang  PDF PDF
13 - Mar

Dr. Jane Anderson

Texas A&M  - Kingsville



"The Challenges of Charismatic Invasive Species" Christopher Serenari PDF PDF
27 - Mar

Dr. Sairah Malkin

University of Maryland

"Chesapeake Bay's electric bacteria: a primer on cable bacteria in coastal
Astrid Schwalb PDF PDF
03 - Apr

Dr. Jenny Ouyang

University of Nevada, Reno

"Endocrine evolution in an urbanizing world"

Caitlin Gabor PDF  
10 - Apr

Dr. William Gray

University of Minnesota

" Regulation of Auxin-mediated Cell Expansion by SAUR Proteins" Nihal Dharmasiri PDF PDF
17 - Apr

Dr. Kerry Griffis-Kyle

Texas Tech University


"Sonoran Desert waters: improving our ability to support wildlife" Sarah Fritts PDF PDF
24 - Apr


Awards Day

01 -May

Dr. Garrett Street

Mississippi State University

"A Body in Motion: Movement and Its Consequences for Wildlife Ecology"

Floyd Weckerly



Fall 2019 Seminar Schedule



 Name, Affiliation   

         Title              Host    Summary Paper
 06 - Sept.

 Dr. Weston Nowlin

Texas State University

"Developing quantitative approaches to examine the influence of animals on community dynamics and ecosystem processes"

Dittmar  Hahn PDF PDF
13 - Sept.

Dr. Joseph Veech

Texas State University

"Habitat as a universal explanation of species distribution and abundance"

Dittmar  Hahn

20 - Sept.

Dr. Jessica Yorzinski

Texas A&M University,

"The Sensory Ecology of Sexual Selection in Peafowl"

Kristy Daniel PDF. PDF
27 - Sept

Dr. Sarah J Kane

Colorado State University

Unraveling prions: the complexities between the prion protein, Complement, and B cells in diverse pathogenic settings

Joseph Koke PDF PDF
04 - Oct.

 Dr. Astrid Schwalb

Texas State University

"When a river goes dry and other Texas mussel tales"

Dittmar  Hahn PDF PDF
11 - Oct.

 Dr. Joe Louis

 University of Nebraska–Lincoln

"Plant defense and insect counter-defense: Battle for survival"

Hong-Gu  Kang PDF PDF
18 - Oct.

Dr. Elif Sarinay Cenik,

University of Texas at Austin

"Determinants and consequences of ribosomal poverty and subsistence" Sunethra Dharmasiri PDF PDF
25 - Oct.

Dr. Matthew Niemiller

University of Alabama, Huntsville

"Out of sight, out of mind: the ecology, evolution, and conservation of cave life" Chris Nice / Benjamin Scwhartz PDF PDF
01 - Nov.

Dr. Pierre Deviche,

Arizona State University

"Desert bums and city slickers: Physiological adjustments of birds to urbanization"

Caitlin    Gabor PDF PDF
08 - Nov.

Mr. Ryan Lynch

Third Millennium Alliance

"Fighting deforestation and promoting conservation of Ecuador's disappearing coastal rainforest" David Rodriguiez PDF  
15 - Nov.

Dr. Kirk Winemiller,

Texas A & M, College Station

"Inheritors of the Waters: Convergence, Resilience and Destinies of Freshwater Fishes during the Anthropocene" Ivan Castro-Arellano PDF  
22 - Nov.

Dr. Sean Kerwin

Texas State University

Anticancer Natural Products and Small Molecule Targeting of Non-Canonical DNA Structures

Dana Garcia PDF PDF
29 - Nov.