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Biology Department Seminars

Biology Department Seminars

Charles Darwin
Biology Departmental Seminars are usually held on Fridays at 2 pm in Room 116 of the Supple (Science) Building, or as announced below. A brief Q&A period typically follows each seminar. After that, everyone (age 21 and over only) is welcome to attend a reception for the speaker in the courtyard of the Old Greenhouse, liquid refreshments provided. To find out more about the speakers, follow the links to their web pages, and check out the seminar (you never know what interesting person might be speaking). TBA indicates "to be announced" unless the date arrives and no seminar speaker has been scheduled at which point it means we do not have a seminar speaker for that day.   Please check frequently.
If you would like to be included in the seminar emailing list you can join our list serve here. You can also remove your name at this site.

Spring 2019 Seminar Schedule

Date Name, Affiliation Title Host Summary Paper
01 - Feb.

.Dr. Junqi Song

Texas A&M AgriLife Dallas Center

 "The interplay between DNA damage and plant immune responses" Hong-Gu Kang PDF PDF
08 -Feb. 

Dr.  Joshuah Perkin

Texas A & M University

“Fish SCALES: Scaling, Conservation, and Landscape Ecology in Streams”

Weston Nowlin PDF PDF
15 - Feb.

Dr. Mar Huertas Pau

Texas State University

“Fish nose as a biosensor for chemical signals, olfactory disruptors and pathogens” Dittmar Hahn    
22 - Feb.


Biology Colloquium      
01 - March

Dr. Russell Fielding

University of the South
"The Wake of the Whale: Human and Environmental Implications of Whaling in the Caribbean and North Atlantic" Jessica Dutton PDF PDF
08 - March

Dr. Woo-Suk Chang

University of Texas, Arlington

"The soybean rhizosphere microbiome: who is a key player and what factor drives differences in soybean productivity?"

Bob McLean PDF  
15 - March

Dr. Nicholas Som


“Process, proxy, or possible? habitat modeling to inform population dynamics models” Thom Hardy PDF PDF
22 - March


Spring Break


29 - March


05 - April

Dr. Chris Patrick

Texas A&M, Corpus Christi

"Drivers and Consequences of Multi-scale Biodiversity in Aquatic Ecosystems"

Weston Nowlin PDF  
12 - April

Dr. Ramona Salcedo Price

Texas State University

"Characterizing the Impact of Obesity-associated Adipocytokines and Liver Cancer"

Dana Garcia PDF  
19 - April

Dr. Diego Figueroa

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

"Colonization and Speciation in Marine Caves of the Galapagos Islands"

Benjamin Schwartz PDF PDF
26 - April


Awards Day



Fall 2018 Seminar Schedule


 Name, Affiliation  

         Title              Host    Summary Paper
 07 - Sept.

Dr. Robert McLean

Texas State University

Studies of bacterial growth on surfaces at Texas State/SWT from 1993-2018”

Dana Garcia   PDF
14 - Sept.

Dr. Tyler Buchinger

Michigan State University

"Evolution of pheromone communication in sea lamprey"

Mar Huertas Pau

21 - Sept.

Dr. Rebecca Young

University of Texas at Austin

"Evolutionary Systems Biology of Conservation and Convergence of Complex Traits"

Caitlin Gabor PDF PDF
28 - Sept

Dr. Cynthia Luxford

Texas State University

“Fostering student success in chemistry classes through study habits and visual representations”

Dana Garcia    
05 - Oct.   Departmental meeting with Provost      
12 - Oct.

Dr. Jennifer Schmidt

Shark Research Institute

"Whale Sharks: Mysteries of an Ocean Giant" Jessica Dutton PDF PDF
19 - Oct.

Dr. Rasika Harshey

University of Texas at Austin

"Bacterial Swarming and Antibiotic Tolerance" Manish Kumar PDF PDF
26 - Oct.

Dr. Shahid Mukhtar

University of Alabama at Birmingham

" Network biology and predictive modeling to link genome to phenome" Hong Gu Kang PDF PDF
02 - Nov.

Dr. Niranjan Awasthi

University of Notre Dame

"Enhancing Nab-paclitaxel-based Chemotherapy Response: Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer"

Manish Kumar PDF PDF
09 - Nov.

Dr. Daniel Roberts

University of Tennessee

Breaking down the Hourglass:  The Myriad Roles of Nodulin-like Intrinsic Proteins in Plant Nutrition and Stress Responses" Nihal Dharmasiri PDF PDF
16 - Nov.

Dr. Karolina Mukhtar

University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Regulatory Mechanisms of Pathogen-Mediated Cellular Stress Signaling in Arabidopsis" Sunethra Dharmasiri PDF PDF
23 - Nov.


30 - Nov. Dr. Rachel Arango

US Forest Service, Madison WI

“Complex associations of subterranean termites and Actinobacteria”

Camila Carlos-Shanley PDF PDF