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Biology Department Seminars

Biology Departmental Seminars are usually held on Fridays at 2 pm in Room 116 of the Supple (Science) Building, or as announced below. Questions for all will follow the seminar. The reception will then move to the Greenhouse for refreshments (21 and over only). To find out more about the speaker, click on the links to their web pages. TBA indicates to be announced unless the date arrives and no seminar speaker has been scheduled at which point it means we do not have a seminar speaker for that day.  Please check frequently.
If you would like to be included in the seminar emailing list you can join our list serve here. You can also remove your name at this site.

Spring 2017 Seminar Schedule

Date Name, Affiliation Title Host Summary Paper
27 - Jan 

Dr. Linnea Fletcher

Austin Community College

"Creating Life Long Educational Pathways in Biotechnology and Related Fields" Bob McLean    
03 - Feb

Dr. Tyrone Hayes 

University of California, Berkeley

10 - Feb

Dr. Jeremy L. Conkle

Texas A&M University

"Just some old wild shirts and a couple pairs of pants: Our clothes are makin' trouble in the ocean" Mar Huertas    PDF  PDF
17 - Feb

Dr. Megan Wise de Valdez

Texas A&M University, San Antonio

"Distribution of the primary vectors of Zika and West Nile viruses in residential backyards across San Antonio, Texas: New information and challenges in a city without vector control" Ivan Castro-Arellano     PDF  
24 - Feb  

Biology Colloquium

03 - Mar

Dr. Okan Külköylüo─člu

Abant Izzet Baysal University,

"Ecology of Ostracods" Joe Veech    PDF  PDF
10 - Mar Dr. Astrid  Schwalb
Texas State University
"Where going with the flow will get you: Distribution, dispersal, and movement of mussels" Dittmar Hahn    
24 - Mar

Dr. Jyoti Shah

University of North Texas

"Signaling Function of an Abietane Diterpenoid in Plant Development and Stress Response" HongGu Kang     PDF  PDF
31 - Mar

Ron Bonett,

University of Tulsa

"The Causes and Consequences of Complex Life Cycle Evolution in Salamanders"

Caitlin Gabor    PDF  PDF
07 - April

Dr. Julio Soto

San Jose State University

"The recombinant mojastin DM initiates apoptotic induction through TXNP Dana Garcia   PDF  PDF
14 - April Dr. Catalina Pislariu 
Texas A&M International University
"Genetic dissection of symbiotic nitrogen fixation (SNF) in the model legume Medicago truncatula" HongGu Kang     PDF  PDF
21 - April

Dr. Jill Maroo

University of Northern Iowa

Mental Rotation: Why should biologist care? Kristy Daniel    PDF  PDF
28 - April   Awards Day