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David Lemke, Ph.D.


Department of Biology


David Lemke, Ph.D.
David Lemke, Ph.D.


Phone: 512-245-3364

Fax: 512-245-8713

E-mail: david.lemke@txstate.edu

Biology Department
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

Research Interests

Flora of Texas

Systematic plant anatomy

Aquatic plant biology  

Courses Taught

Bio 2410: General Botany [Syllabus]

Bio 3461: Plant Taxonomy [Syllabus]

Bio 4411/5411: Morphology of Vascular Plants

BIO 4410/5410: Field Biology of Plants [Syllabus]

BIO 5319: Topics in Botany (Agrostology) [Syllabus]


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Lemke, D. E., J. Tonzetich and M. V. Shumeyko. 1979. Resistance to radiation-induced chromosomal rearrangements in Drosophila simulans. Drosophila Information Service Bulletin 53: 159-161.

Lemke, D. E. and J. Tonzetich. 1978. Observations of inversions in polytene chromosomes using the alkali-urea technique. Drosophila Information Service Bulletin 52: 87-88.

Theses Directed

  • Labus, Z., M.S. 1989, Edinburg ISD, Edinburg, TX
  • Lyday, M., M.S. 1989, City of Austin Environmental Staff
  • Oakley, M., M.S. 1990
  • Angerstein, K., M.S. 1992, Clinical Pathology Labs, Victoria, TX
  • Benn, S., M.S. 1992, TPWD, Weslaco, TX
  • Ahmad, L., M.S. 1994, PEC Inc., Canyon Lake, TX
  • Roberts, R., M.S. 1996, Ph.D. candidate, Louisiana State Univ.
  • Sanchez, L., M.S. 1996, Texas Nature Conservancy

Students & Postdocs


  • Hagenbuch, K., M.S. 2000
  • Marr, M., M.S. 2000
  • Wakefield, A., M.S. 2000
  • Lehman, L., M.S. 2001
  • McHenry, D., M.S. 2001

Postdocs: None.