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Field Sites
Biology Owned or Controlled:

Private lands with Biology access:

Capital Equipment    
Associated Personnel - please note that there is not a one-one correlation between faculty and equipment.

Analysis Research Service Center Alissa SavagePP

JEOL 1200 TEM and necessary ancillary equipment, darkroom facilities
Olympus FV1000 laser scanning confocal system, seven lasers, DIC, simultaneous scanning capability, FRET, FRAP and FLIP

Genomics Lab Mike Forstner
Chris Nice
Beckman Automated Sequencer and Robot
Various PCR and related equipment
ABI Genetic Analyzer 3100xl
Ultra cold specimen storage facility
High-speed 10 node supercomputing cluster (Xgrid), easily expanded
Cell and Molecular, Developmental, Microbiology Nihal Dharmasiri
Dana García
Joe Koke
Robert McLean
Dittmar Hahn
Francis Horne
Full array of incubators (including walk-ins), growth chambers (plant), arabidopsis facility
PCR, gel electrophoresis, centrifuges (prep and ultra), all routine lab equipment
Autoclaves, dishwashers, ultracold and -25C freezers, separate micro store and prep room
Preparative isoelectric focusing, SDS PAGE equipment
Gel imaging equipment
Epifluorescence microscopes with digital cameras
Spectrophotomers, gas chromatographs, atomic absorption spectrophotometer
Field Biology, Ecology
Aquatic Resources, Aquatic Biology
Tim Bonner
Alan Groeger
David Huffman
Weston Nowlin
Vicente Lopes
Fleet of boats, including an air-boat, trailers, and related equipment
Trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles
A fleet of vans
Nikon fluorescence microscope with digital camera
High quality dissecting microscopes
All routine water related field equipment
Water Quality analysis equipment
Spectrophotometer, HPLC
Wildlife Ecology, Zoology, Botany, Paleobotany-Climatolgy, Ecology, Population & Conservation Biology, Evolution, Behavioral Ecology Clay Green
David Lemke
Paula Williamson
Gary Upchurch
Randy Simpson
Floyd Weckerly
Mike Forstner
James Ott
Caitlin Gabor
Chris Nice
Michael Huston
Susan Schwinning
Field observation equipment - cameras, binoculars, telescopes, etc.
GIS portables and work stations (two, one in Freeman and one in Supple)
Two large format (42") printers suitable for posters and maps, work well with Google Earth
Large wet lab in Freeman with gravity flow spring water
12 large outdoor tanks for tropical fish culture - amazon mollies
Greenhouse, plus a new modern research greenhouse (4700 sq. ft. with 1760 sq. ft. headhouse)