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List of Student Awards

Biology Colloquium Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Susan Schwinning

Presented to the authors of the best undergraduate and graduate papers delivered at the annual Biology Department Colloquium.

  • 2017: Zach Forsburg (best talk by Ph.D. student), Austin Leone (best talk by M.S. student), Quentin DiPasquale (best talk by undergrad student), Pedro Gonzales (best poster by graduate student), Christian Chavera (best poster by undergraduate student)
  • 2016: Sara Robertson, Lichen Xiang
  • 2015: April Bonnard, Katherine Bell, Ella Lopez
  • 2014: Melissa Sutton, Katherine Bell
  • 2013: J. Dylan Hall, Johnny Riggs
  • 2012: Jimmy Gollihar, Lilly Swan, Brown Becker 
  • 2011: Krystle Moore, Thilanka Jayaweera 
  • 2010: Amanda Duran, Kelly Goodsheller 
  • 2009: Michelle Parmley, Shawn McCracken 
  • 2008: Cameron Collier, Jesse Becker 
  • 2007: Pete Diaz, Jacquelyn Scherer  
  • 2006: Celeste Espinedo, Lauren Lucas 
  • 2005: Shawn McCracken, Zach Gombert 
  • 2004: Brooke Belota, Maria Thaker 
  • 2003: Casey S Williams, Amanda L. Kennedy
  • 1998: Jennifer Adams, JoAnne Lund, Angela Gardine 
  • 1997: Shelia C. Kadura

Colene Drace Cell Biology Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Shannon Weigum

Awarded by the Biology Department to recognize exceptional research by a graduate student using the tools and techniques of cell biology. Ms. Drace is a graduate of Texas State University and is an enthusiastic supporter of cell biology education at Texas State.

  • 2016: Katherine Bell, Lichen Xiang
  • 2015: Yogendra Bordiya, Priscilla Pham 
  • 2014: Ruben Tovar
  • 2013: Praveen Kumar Kathare
  • 2012: Thilanka Jayaweera
  • 2011: Thilanka Jayaweera 
  • 2010: Mayuri Patel 
  • 2009: Chamindika Siriwardana 
  • 2008: Nirmala Karunarathna 
  • 2007: Katherine Saul 
  • 2006: Elizabeth Crittenden 
  • 2005: Varsha Radhakrishnan 
  • 2004: Prasad V. Phatarpekar 
  • 2003: Gina L. Lobban 
  • 2002: Shannon Weigum 

John P. Eben and Dorothy Eben Elledge Endowed Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Nihal Dhamasiri

Awarded to thesis or dissertation students in the Department of Biology who have demonstrated exceptional research ability. This scholarship was established by the estate of Mr. John P. Eben in honor of the Eben family.

  • 2016: Yogendra Bordiya, Priscilla Pham
  • 2015: Thilanka Jayaweera, Diana Kim
  • 2014: Daniel Wolcott
  • 2011: Preston Bean
  • 2010: Donald Brown 
  • 2009: Nirmala Karunarathna 
  • 2007: Jake Jackson 
  • 2006: Zach Gompert 

Ward Lee Eggleston Memorial Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. John Baccus (retired)

Awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated both academic and reseach talent in the Wildlife Biology Program.

  • 2003: Adam W. Ferguson 
  • 2002: Adam Ferguson
  • 2000: David Smith 
  • 1999: James Russell 
  • 1998: Sarah Jenkins 
  • 1997: Sarah Jenkins 

Sally Karnau Biology Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Julie Westerlund

Awarded to a junior or senior Biology major. Ms. Karnau earned her BS and MS degrees through the Department of Biology and was pursuing a PhD in Geography when she became ill and had to withdraw from the program. This scholarship was established in her memory by her parents, William & Eileen Karnau.

  • 2016: Emerson Fillippa
  • 2015: Natalie Duecker
  • 2014: Andrea Martinez
  • 2013: Katheryn Watson
  • 2012: Valy Verby
  • 2011: Dori Thompson
  • 2009: Sara Weaver
  • 2008: Sara Gillum
  • 2007: Julie Bahruth
  • 2006: Magdala Poon
  • 2004: David A. Terrell
  • 2003: Shanan M. Mossman

George H. Meyer Memorial Scholarship in Microbiology

Committee Chair: Dr. Gary Aron (retired)

Awarded to an undergraduate major in microbiology based on excellence in both academic performance and indepedent research. Professor Meyer taught microbiology at Texas State University for many years. This scholarship was established in his memory by his sister Bernice Neumann.

  • 2016: Anna Gates, Sara Robertson, Starla Thornhill
  • 2015: Anna Gates, Curtis McCloud, Starla Thornhill
  • 2014: Jacqueline Hernandez, Mark Holiday, Suvi Samant
  • 2013: Chelsea Smith
  • 2012: Benjamin Tobin
  • 2011: Tesfalem Zere, Nihar Deb Adhikary, Sherille Bradley, Amanda Duran
  • 2010: Matthew Kay, Nihar Deb Adhikary, Alicia Taylor
  • 2009: Babur Mirza, Allana Wels, Shubhankar Nath
  • 2008: Lindsey Wiggins, Andrew Berger
  • 2007: Veronica Huerta 
  • 2006: Brent Treadaway 
  • 2005: Sandra Newland 
  • 2004: Allana Welsh, Toni Sanger, Melanie Leal 
  • 2003: Brooke N. Belota, Christopher L. McGowin 
  • 2002: Christa Bates, Brian Scott 
  • 2001: Whitney Jett 
  • 2000: Laura Meier, Brian Corbin 
  • 1999: Jordan Hall, Sabitha Prabhakaran, Gregory Southard
  • 1998: Jennifer Adams, Duane Limbaugh
  • 1997: Eric A. Weave, Marvin Whiteley, Terrie L. Simmons

Chuck Nash Aquatic Studies Endowed Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Nowlin Weston

Awarded to a junior, senior, or graduate student who is pursuing aquatic or hydrological studies. Mr. Chuck Nash is a San Marcos businessman and community leader. This scholarship was established by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to honor Mr. Nash, a member of the Foundation Board of Texas Parks & Wildlife. 

  • 2016: Lenee Dedeaux, Mark Hiler, Lauren Ashley Seagroves
  • 2015: Duane Friedman, Jenae Olson
  • 2014: Harlan Nichols
  • 2013: Viginia Eaton Aaron Swink  
  • 2012 :Kenneth Benen
  • 2011: Beverly Saunders, Stephen Curtis, Trey Nobles
  • 2010: Beverly Saunders
  • 2009: Jessica Strickland, Susanna Scott
  • 2008: Joshuah Perkin 
  • 2007: Brad Caston, Jesse Becker
  • 2006:Tina Gonzales
  • 2005: David Pendergrass 
  • 2004: Bradley M. Littrell 
  • 2003: Brian L Holmes 
  • 2002: Brian L Holmes
  • 2001: Connie Johnson 
  • 2000: Matthew Scoggins 
  • 1999: Lori Tolley               

William E. (Henry) Norris, Jr. Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Randy Simpson

Awarded to a graduate student in recognition of contributions to the biological sciences. Dr. W.E "Henry" Norris, Jr was a longtime professor and administrator at Texas State University. This scholarship was established by family, friends, and collegues in memory of his life and the positive impact he had on countless students.

  • 2016: Zachary Adcock
  • 2015: Matthew Milholland
  • 2014: Sarah Weber
  • 2013: Melissa Jones
  • 2011: Donald Brown
  • 2010: Shawn McCracken
  • 2009: Michelle Downey
  • 2008: Kristen Epp
  • 2007: Casey Williams
  • 2006: Michael Small, Melissa Jones
  • 2005: Adam Ferguson
  • 2004: Maria Thaker
  • 2003: Scott Egan 
  • 2002: Paul Juergens, Carrie Preite, Dolores Weisbaum 
  • 2001: Darren Dodson, Kyle Burke
  • 2000: Beth Banks, Richard Reynolds, Cris Hein
  • 1999: Sabitha Prabhakaran, Angela Wheeler
  • 1998: Preston Galusky, Lana Ruiseco, Jennifer Adams
  • 1997: Marvin Whiteley, Stuart Lin Poor, Eric A. Weaver

Outstanding Achievement in Wildlife Management Award

Committee Chair: Dr. John Baccus (retired)

Awarded to an undergraduate student who has demonstrated both academic and research talent in the Wildlife Biology Program.

  • 2004: Megan M. Johnston 
  • 2003: Adam W. Ferguson 
  • 2001: David Smith 
  • 2000: Keith Lake
  • 1999: Jeff Breeden
  • 1998: Scott Pettengill 
  • 1997:Sarah Jenkins  

Premedical/Predental Society Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Carolyn Pesthy, Dr. Marilyn Banta

Awarded to one or more students pursuing admission into medical or dental school.

  • 2016: Nicole Sawtelle
  • 2015: Chelsea Nelson, Gloria Vera
  • 2014: Christian Guillen, Chloe Hancock
  • 2011: Andrea Cruz, Kyna Schreiber, Destiny Byrd, Alison Carr
  • 2010: Andrew Hartman, Milam Raemsch
  • 2009: Eric Marple, Courtney Carr, Marissa Dorster
  • 2008: Jarryd Brennan
  • 2007: Karina Gutierrez
  • 2006: Peter Mosnes
  • 2005: Greg Olson, Melissa Ponce
  • 2004:  James Z. Brice
  • 2003:  Shanan M. Mossman
  • 2001:  Michelle Forehand
  • 2000:  Jordan Hall
  • 1999: Justin Dacy, Stefanie Seitz 
  • 1998: Jessica St. Louis
  • 1997: Tracy Haas

Fred & Yetta Richan Aquatic Biology Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Weston Nowlin

Awarded by Aquatic Resources Program faculty to outstanding graduate and undergraduate students in recognition of exception contributions to the program. Mr. Richan worked for the U.S. Department of the Interior for 32 years, including time spent at the fish hatchery which is now the site of the Freeman Aquatic Biology building. Mr. Richan established this scholarship in the memory of his wife, Yetta, and to support research on aquatic resources. 

  • 2016: Cody Craig, Andrew MacLaren, Jenae Olson, Shashwat Sirsi
  • 2015: Michael Markowski, Megan Mondelli, Parvathi Nair, Sarah Zappitello
  • 2014: Amelia Everett
  • 2013: Vigina Eaton, Aaron Swink, Lauren Loney
  • 2012: Benjamin Tobin, Stephen Curtis
  • 2011: Jesse Becker, Bejamin Hutchins, Kelly Rodibaugh
  • 2010: Robert Maxwell
  • 2009: Kristy Kollaus
  • 2008: James Gaertner, Preston Bean, Kathleen Eggemeyer, Zachary Shattuck
  • 2007: Alisa Abzeineh, Adrian Vogl, Casey Williams, Tom Heard, Megan Bean 
  • 2006: Casey Williams, Preston Bean, Tom Heard, Erin O'Docharty, Kristy Kollaus
  • 2005: Jacqueline Watson
  • 2004: Michelle Funk, Tracy R. Leavy, David Pendergrass
  • 2003: Brad Littrell, Valentin Cantu, Casey S. Williams
  • 2002: Brad Littrel, Joe Martin, Chad Norris, Kristine Dennis
  • 2001: Wendy McCoy, Connie Johnson, Jason Locklin
  • 2000: Brian Creutzburg, Chad Thomas
  • 1999: Chad Thomas, Thorpe Halloran
  • 1998: Chad Thomas 
  • 1997: Robert T. Ourso, David A. Bass

A.B. Irene Rogers Endowed Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Tim Bonner

Endowed by the Bering family and awarded by the Aquatic Biology Program faculty to a full-time aquatic biology undergraduate student in recognition of contributions to the program.

  • 2013: Jared Brown and Harlan Nichols
  • 2012: Corey Coleman
  • 2011: Julia Farmer 
  • 2008: Robert Maxwell 
  • 2006: Joshua Perkin
  • 2005: Tina Gonzales 
  • 2004: Casey R. Williams
  • 2002: Karen Marks
  • 2001: Marcus Bresko
  • 2000: Anne B. Sharp
  • 1999: Stephanie McCormick
  • 1998: Bruce Kelley
  • 1997: Debra K. Miller

Francis Rose Undergraduate Research Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Noland Martin

This award provides research opportunities for undergraduates in the biological sciences during the academic year. The emphasis of this program is to increase the number of undergraduate students doing research. The award was created in 2006 to honor Dr. Francis Rose, chair of the Department of Biology for 11 years.

  • 2016: Erica Osta, Armando Toral
  • 2015: Kandace Simmons
  • 2014: William "Grady" Terry. 
  • 2013: Amelia Stinson, Jose Reyes, Harlan Nichols
  • 2012: Silas Ott, McLean Worsham, Kirsten Cunningham, Michael Edwards, Val Yerby
  • 2011: Adam Contreras, Krystle Moore, Dominic DeSantis
  • 2010: Beitiris Devolld, Christopher Jones, Lorena Rangel
  • 2009: Silvya Soto, Sherry Albers, Sean Scaff
  • 2008: Michelle Parmley, Julia Coyle, Mary Dobson 
  • 2007: Romey Swanson, Tamira Konkin-Garcia 

John T. Baccus Outstanding Achievement Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Randy Simpson

Awarded to an undergratuate junior or senior wildlife major, based on academic record and service to The Wildlife Society. This award is sponsored by the student chapter of The Wildlife Society in honor of Dr. Baccus, a Regents' Professor who established the Wildlife Biology Porgram at Texas State University.

  • 2016: Anne Beckman
  • 2015: Nathan Venezio
  • 2014: Nicole Alonso


W.K Davis Endowed Scholarship Award

Committee Chair: Dr. David Lemke

Awarded to a full-time undergraduate Biology major. Dr. Davis taught Biology and sponsored the Biology Club at Texas State University from 1948 to 1979. The student members of the Biology Club during the mid 1970's initiated the scholarship in recognition of the priceless contributions of Dr. Davis.

  • 2015: James Prather, Candice Rodriguez, Nathan Venezio
  • 2014: Silas Ott, Candace Rodriguez

Glenn Longley/San Marcos Lions Club Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Weston Nowlin

Awarded to a graduate and undergraduate student pursuing degrees in Aquatic Resources and Aquatic Biology, respectively. Selection is based on academic record, financial need, and service to the field of aquatic resources. The scholarship was created as an annual gift to the Department of Biology from the San Marcos Lions Club in recognition of Dr. Glenn Longley, a long-standing professor in the Department of Biology and member of the Lions Club, who made many important service contributions over the years.

  • 2016: Zachary Adcock, Parvathi Nair
  • 2015: Myranda Clark, Bianca Hernandez
  • 2014: Michael Markowski

Gwen S. Durrenberger Scholarship for Women in Science

Committee Chair: College of Science and Engineering

Awarded to women majoring in undergradute or graduate degrees within the College of Science. This scholarship was established by Weldon Durrenberger in memory of his wife Gwen.

  • 2016: Katherine Bell, Allison Bordini, Michelle Curtis, Amanda Driscoe, Alyssa Fink, Erica Osta, Son Young (Diana) Kim, Sara Weaver
  • 2014: Katherine Bell, Michelle Curtis, Mia Furgurson, Diana (Son Young) Kim, Andrea Martinez, Lauren Minter, Anjana Parandhaman, Suvidha Samant, Amanda Winn, Kristina Zabierek

Dorothy Coker Research Fellowship

Committee Chair: College of Science and Engineering

This scholarship was established in 1989 in memory of Dorothy Coker, by her husband William.

  • 2016: Katherine Bell, Amara Garza, Alexander Zalmat
  • 2014:  Amelia Everett

Howard D. Schulze Biology Scholarship

Committee Chair: Dr. Dana Garcia

Awarded to a junior, senior, or graduate student in the Department of Biology. Howard D. Schulze earned both a BS and MS from Texas State University in the 1950's before serving 27 years in the military. This scholarship was established by Dr. Christopher B. Schulze, a physician at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston, in honor of his father. 

  • 2016: Amanda Driscoe, Kayley Smith, Sara Weaver
  • 2015: Laura Bliss, Yogendra Bordiya
  • 2014: Thilanka Jayaweera, Brittney Sanchez, Kristina Zabierek
  • 2013: Katheryn Watson, Lauren Loney, Shobhit Sharma
  • 2012: Jeff Troy, Shengwei Ho
  • 2011: Jeff Troy, Jon Richey, Dori Thompson
  • 2010: Shawn McCracken, Kelly Rodibaugh, Val Yerby
  • 2009: James Gaertner
  • 2008: Babur Mirza, Jesse Becker, Elena Wisely
  • 2007: Laura Alberici, Elena Wisely
  • 2006: Lauren Lucas, Megan Bean 
  • 2005: Casey Williams
  • 2004: Zach Gompert, Maria Thaker
  • 2003: Vanessa Pearson, Prasad Phatarpekar
  • 2002: Matt Schneider, Scott Egan
  • 2001: Melony Buckler, Carrie Preite 
  • 2000: Richard Reynolds, Teresa Smith, Michael Clay
  • 1998: Preston Galusky, Jennifer Adamas, 1999: Sabitha Prabhakaran
  • 1997: Marvin Whiteley, Lana E. Ruiseco

Science Education Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Julie Westerlund

Awarded by the Science Education faculty in recognition of significant contributions to the program.

  • 2016: Brandon Wilson
  • 2015: Nicole Shepherd, Wayne Waring
  • 2014: Bess Reisberg
  • 2011: Melissa Duran
  • 2010: Margaret Smith
  • 2009: Melissa Ponce
  • 2008: Melissa Ponce 
  • 2007: Kiki Corry
  • 2006: Kiki Corry
  • 2005: Brandy Bagnall, Katy Furtwangler
  • 2003: Amanda L. Stephenson
  • 2002: Jimmy Hand
  • 2001: Nancy Nelson
  • 2000: Jimmy Hand
  • 1999: Stephanie Blalderas
  • 1998: Emil Lazzeri
  • 1997: Martin R. Wise

Charles Spurgeon Smith Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Weston Nowlin

Awarded to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average. Dr. Charles Spurgeon Smith was a longtime professor of Biology at Texas State University. This scholarship was established by the estate of Mr. Spurgeon Smith, the son of Dr. Charles Spurgeon Smith.

  • 2016: Sarah Bothwell, Peter Johns, Jose Venegas
  • 2015: Sarah Durham, Ashley McGhee, Seth Schuenemeyer  
  • 2014: Lance Swinney
  • 2013: Austin Williams
  • 2012: Dori Thompson
  • 2011: Roy Hartman 
  • 2010: Sara Gillum 
  • 2009: Michelle Parmley 
  • 2008: Arturo Villarreal 
  • 2007: Robert Landry, Celeste Whisenant 
  • 2006: Magdala Poon
  • 2005: Asra Khan
  • 2003: Erinn L. Frazee 
  • 2002: Allana Welsh 
  • 2001: Teresa Smith 
  • 2000: Jordan Hall, Amanda Hilburn 
  • 1999: Amanda Holdiman 
  • 1998: Jeanne Renee Hall 
  • 1997: Rhonda R. Walter 


Russell & Ruth Strandtmann Field Biology Award

Committee Chair: Dr. David Lemke

Awarded to support undergraduate field research in the areas of whole-organism taxonomy, systematics, and life history studies. Dr. Russel Strandtmann was a professor of biology at Texas State Technological University for many years and later became a visiting professor at Texas State University. Both he and his wife Ruth are graduates of Texas State University. They established this scholarship in their names to support field research. 

  • 2015: Candice Rodriguez 
  • 2014: William "Grady" Terry
  • 2013: Kate Seildeman-Barclay
  • 2012: Val Yerby
  • 2011: Dori Thompson 
  • 2007: Romey Swanson, Bobby Cast
  • 2005: Shawn McCracken, Jennifer Williams 
  • 2003: Danielle M. King 
  • 2002: Adam Ferguson 
  • 2001: Lezlie Jones, Cassie Malcom
  • 2000: James Russel 
  • 1998: Scott Pettengill 
  • 1997: Myra Carmen Hall 


Outstanding Service to Biology Department Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Gary Upchurch

Special award set by Dr. Upchurch for 2007 

  • 2007: Elena Wisely, Christopher Wisely


Outstanding Undergraduate Award

Committee Chair: College of Science & Engineering

Awarded to recognize a student majoring in a program within the College of Science and Engineering who possesses outstanding personal and professional characteristics and who exhibits leadership and participation in Departmental, College or University activities.

  • 2014: Harlan Nichols
  • 2003: Amanda M. Kennedy

Outstanding Intructional/Graduate Assistant Award

Committee Chair: Dr. Caitlin Gabor

Awarded to recognize a student majoring in a program within the College of Science and Engineering who exhibits outstanding personal and professional characteristics in the areas of scholarship, research, teaching and service.

  • 2016: Kate Seideman-Barclay
  • 2015: Daniel Wolcott
  • 2014: Diana (Son Young) Kim
  • 2013: Monika Henn
  • 2008: Allana Welsh 
  • 2006: Zach Gompert 
  • 2005: Allana Welsh 
  • 2004: Scott Egan 
  • 1999: Preston Galusky 

Joan Austin Memorial Scholarship

Committee Chair: College of Science and Engineering

Awarded to an undergraduate student with a major in the College of Science and Engineering in memory of our former Science Professor, Joan Austin.

  • 2006: Megan Bean 
  • 2005: Lissette Gomez 


Smith-Williams Award

Committee Chair: College of Science and Engineering

A one year competitive scholarship awarded to a junior-level Biology, Chemisty or Physics students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their field.

  • 2005: Emily Evans 

Houston-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Committee Chair: College of Science and Engineering

H-LSAMP is a National Science Foundation funded scholarship program that is structured as a community of scholars preparing for graduate school and professional careers. The program is designed to substantially increase the diversity of students graduating with baccalaureate degrees in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  • 2016: Chikamnele Amajirionwu, Quincy Gonzales
  • 2014: Angelica Riojas
  • 2013: Bernadetie Baker, Adam Gray, Martha Juarez, Monique Manmusan, Krystle Moore, Valeria Onzures, Hanah Gibson, Angelica Riojas, Raiieim Turner, Ashley Lauren Seagroves
  • 2012: Adam Gray, Martha Juarez, Monique Manibusan, Krystle Moore, Valeria Onzures, Hanah Gibson, Arissa Nath, Raheim Turner, Lauren Seagroves, Gabriel Hurtado
  • 2011: Sherilee Bradley, Brittany Charlton, Adam Gary, Gabriel Hurtado, Arissa Nath, Valeria Onzures, Joseph Whitt
  • 2010: Shelter Anyama, Arissa Nath, James Zuniga, Sherille Bradley, Brittany Charlton, Gabriel Hurtado, Cindy Obioha, Diana Villegas
  • 2009: James May 
  • 2008: Ugo Eziefule, Michelle Jackson, Puja Malani, James May, Yohantis Moore, Veronica Huerta
  • 2007: Amy Cadenhead, Ugo Eziefule, Lissette Gomez, Michelle Jackson, Asha James, Puja Malani, James May, Yohantis Moore, Alex Patino, CJ Schubert, Veronica Huerta, Peter Mosnes
  • 2005: Misato Aoshima, Akiko Fujii, Olivia Gamez, Amy Gandy, Lesette Gomez, Asha James
  • 2004: Alvin R. Curette
  • 2003: Alvin R. Curette, Monica P. Rodriguez

Lamar and Marilynn Johanson Graduate Endowment in Biology

Committee Chair: College of Science and Engineering

Awarded to full-time graduate students working on MS or PhD, with a preference for students pursuing a career teaching at the college level. The award supports graduate student research through stipends or fellowships. The endowment was established by Lamar and Marilynn Johanson in memory of William K. Davis.

  • 2015: Sarah Crouchet, Matthew Milholland