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Graduate Faculty

*** The faculty members listed below hold current appointments as members of the graduate faculty and are eligible to supervise graduate student research papers. ***

Bonner, Timothy

Fish Management, Ichthyology [PDF]

Castro-Arellano, Ivan

Wildlife Ecology [PDF]

Daniel, Kristy

Biology Educator [PDF]

Dharmasiri, Nihal

Plant Developmental Biology [PDF]

Dutton, Jessica

Aquatic Toxicology [PDF]

Forstner, Michael

Systematics, Genetics [PDF]

Gabor, Caitlin

Behavioral Ecology


Garcia, Dana

Retinal Cell Physiology [PDF]

Green, Clay

Wildlife Ecology, Ornithology [PDF]

Groeger, Al

Limnology, Phycology [PDF]

Hahn, Dittmar

Microbial Ecology [PDF]

Hardy, Thom

Stream Dynamics [PDF]

Horne, Francis

Physiology, Invertebrates [PDF]

Huffman, David

Ornithology, Parasitology [PDF]

Huston, Michael

Landscape Ecology [PDF]

Kang, Hong-Gu

Molecular Cell Biology & Plant Immunology [PDF]

Lemke, David

Flora of Texas [PDF]

Lopes, Vicente

Watershed Science [PDF]

Martin, Noland

Plant Speciation & Natural Hybridization [PDF]

McLean, Robert

Microbiology, Biofilms [PDF]

Nice, Chris

Genetics, Evolution [PDF]

Nowlin, Weston

Aquatic Community and Ecosystem Ecology [PDF]

Ott, James

Ecological Genetics [PDF]

Rodriguez, David

Microbial Genetics/Genomics [PDF]


Stream Ecology [PDF]

Schwartz, Benjamin 

Karst Hydrogeology [PDF]

Schwinning, Susan 

Plant Ecology [PDF]

Simpson, Randy

Wildlife Management [PDF]

Upchurch, Gary

Paleobotany [PDF]

Veech, Joseph

Wildlife Ecology [PDF]

Weckerly, Floyd

Wildlife Ecology [PDF]

Weigum, Shannon

Optical Biosensors, Microfluidic Devices [PDF]

West, Sandra

Science Education, Lab Safety [PDF]

Westerlund, Julie

Science Education, Inquiry [PDF]

Williamson, Paula

Conservation Biology [PDF]